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Geely Holding Highlight Tech Synergies among Brands at 2024 Beijing Auto Show

2024 April 26th, Beijing and Hangzhou, China. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely Holding) highlighted increased tech synergies among its portfolio brands at the Beijing Automobile Show through new product launches and global debuts from Geely Auto, Zeekr, smart, JIYUE, Lotus, Volvo Cars, and Lynk & Co developed on shared Geely vehicle architectures such as the Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) and Compact Modular Architecture (CMA).

Daniel Li, CEO of Geely Holding, said: “The Beijing Auto Show is an opportunity to showcase the latest product innovation and results of group synergies within Geely Holding’s diversified automotive portfolio at China’s leading automotive show. As China’s most globally connected automotive and mobility-technology player, we are proud to bring new products to public attention in Beijing showcasing the latest innovations in the global automotive industry that will improve the customer experience and support the journey to a cleaner, low emission future.”

Among innovations on display from Geely Holding’s portfolio companies, was Geely Auto’s high-tech flagship SUV concept, the Galaxy Starship which puts a spotlight on the synergetic benefits of Geely’s tech ecosystem. The new concept model based on the Geely Electric Architecture and is able to utilize pure electric, range extended, and plug-in powertrains. User cockpit experience in the Galaxy Starship is empowered with AI through integration with FlymeAuto from the Geely strategically invested mobile devices company, Meizu.

Zeekr also debuted its electric multi-purpose vehicle, the MIX for personal consumers. The urban MPV is based on Geely’s mobility service focused SEA-M architecture, which also underpins the Zeekr M-Vision model for mobility service use. This product will contribute to the previously announced target of 230,000 unit sales for Zeekr’s in 2024.

JIYUE, the autonomous driving focused joint venture brand with Baidu, debuted their second SEA-based Robocar and first electric sedan, the JIYUE 07. In just over two years since the brand debuted, JIYUE has expanded L3 autonomous driving functionality for their users to nearly all highways in China and five major cities. By the end of 2024, the brand plans to expand their L3 functionality to cover over 30 cities. Developed on Geely’s SEA architecture allows JIYUE to produce their vehicle in plants together with other Geely portfolio brand models including the Zeekr 001, Zeekr 009, and Polestar 4.

In Beijing, smart, the global joint venture brand between Geely and Mercedes-Benz took the opportunity to debut its third SEA-based concept model, the rugged off-road SUV smart #5. Since the brand’s establishment in 2020, smart has undergone rapid global expansion with new models launch nearly every year. Shared product development, production, and supply chain with other Geely portfolio brands has enabled the accelerated growth of the brand since its inception.

From Lynk & Co, the brand launched their long range plug-in-hybrid-electric-vehicle sedan. The Lynk & Co 07 EM-P PHEV sedan was unveiled in China in March 2024. Lynk & Co’s EM-P line of long range plug-in-hybrids showcases Geely’s most advanced hybrid and highly efficient ICE powertrains which are shared among brands beyond Lynk & Co such as Volvo Cars, Geely Auto, and PROTON.

Volvo Cars took the opportunity in Beijing to launch of the Swedish brand’s first SEA-based model, the EX30 on the Chinese market. The highly anticipated EX30 has been at the forefront of Volvo’s electric transformation journey. The small electric urban SUV has helped improve the brand’s EV market share and margins thanks to the advantages it enjoys from utilizing shared vehicle architecture with other Geely portfolio brands. The success the product has achieved has led to the decision to expand production to Volvo’s Ghent plant in the near future.

Other innovative models have also been debuted or launched by Zeekr, Lynk & Co, Lotus, Geely Auto, smart, RADAR, and JIYUE at the show, bringing to life for visitors the scale of the product development made possible by sharing vehicle architectures, powertrains, production sites, and supply chains across the Geely Holding portfolio.

The synergies that exist between Geely Holding’s brands encourage collaboration across the globe. In addition to the portfolio activity on display at the Beijing Automotive Show, Geely has partnered with global car manufacturers outside of the portfolio.

Over the past year, Geely has signed a joint venture agreement with Renault to launch a powertrain technology company that aims to become the global leader in developing, manufacturing, and supplying best-in-class hybrid powertrains and highly efficient ICE powertrain. During the auto show, Geely’s homegrown powertrain company, Aurobay exhibited their latest innovations in hybrid powertrain and electric mobility technologies. In the near future, Aurobay will join the new powertrain joint venture, helping expand economies of scale for both Geely and Renault and accelerating the global reach of Geely’s technology ecosystem.