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Geespace Launches Eleven Low-orbit Satellites Expanding Geely Future Mobility Constellation

2024 February 3rd, Hangzhou – Geespace, the satellite technology and commercial services company invested by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, completed its second successful satellite launch from China’s Xichang Satellite Launch Center on February 3rd, sending eleven satellites into low earth orbit as the second orbital plane of “Geely Future Mobility Constellation” satellite network. This successful launch marks a significant step in the company’s ambitious project to develop the Constellation.

Geely Future Mobility Constellation is the world’s first commercial initiative to integrate communication, navigation, and remote sensing within a single satellite network. The the first orbital plane, consisting of nine satellites, was successfully deployed in June 2022. To date, Geespace has not only started mass production of satellites but also accomplished orbital plane level deployment and achieved constellation-level telemetry, tracking, and command (TT&C). The company is actively engaged in developing and testing new applications of low-orbit satellite networks.

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