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Geely and Baidu Launches AI Powered Electric ROBOCAR JiYue 01

2023 Oct 27th, Shanghai – Geely Holding Group’s (Geely Holding), China’s largest privately held automotive group, and Baidu’s next-generation joint-venture automotive robocar brand, JiYue ROBOCAR, launched its flagship vehicle and first AI powered electric ROBOCAR, JiYUE 01 at a brand event in Shanghai, China.

The ROBOCAR JiYue 01 is the world’s first consumer model empowered by Baidu’s Apollo’s full suite of L4 autonomous driving solutions. THE ROBOCAR The ROBOCAR JiYue 01 developed through the combination of Geely Holdings automotive hardware technologies and Baidu’s intelligent automotive AI software technologies. The vehicle is based on Geely’s SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) and Baidu’s automotive AI technology solutions such as Apollo intelligent autonomous driving solutions suite.

The ROBOCAR JiYue 01 adopts an ultra-aerodynamic 0.249 drag coefficient SUV design with a body that measures 4853mm1990mm1611mm and wheelbase of 3000mm, offering users the most interior space in its class. The interior has been designed around a futuristic high-tech aesthetic where most physical buttons are removed encouraging users to control vehicle functionality through the intelligent vehicle AI partner, SIMO.

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